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Are you ready to become the change maker you know you were destined to be?

It’s time to unlock your gifts and vision to help transform the food system from the ground up.

The food system is calling on you to be visionary in offering your genius and creativity to the world.

You know you are here to make a difference. You know you are ready to bring something exciting to life. 

Yet you have so many unanswered questions, and you’re not sure where to go for the answers. 

What you’re looking for is some extra support from someone who has lived and breathed food systems change for the past ten years. 

You’re looking for some guidance on which steps to take next, or who to contact, or where to go for all the information you need to bring your vision to life. 

When you work with me, you’ll turn that deep desire for change into a clear pathway to action. 

You’ll feel so energised about the difference you can make to the food system – whether it’s in your own home, community or through policy change or advocacy.

Let’s work together. With the combined effort of your passion and vision, with my knowledge, contacts and experience, we can transform the food system from the ground up.

‘I was looking for guidance on building a community compost hub and shared street garden. Kylie provided a thorough assessment of the physical space we had available and gave advice on how we could best make the operation work, both from a processing and logistics perspective and from a user experience perspective. Most importantly Kylie gave me the reassurance and confidence to launch in! I now manage a thriving community hub that processed over a tonne of waste in the first few months of operation and provides an abundance of herbs to the community it serves. It’s a beautiful example of how we can build circular economy in our own backyards. I wholeheartedly recommend Kylie for any advice you are looking for on how to build sustainable food communities, whether it’s on a micro scale in your own home or on a scale that will build and serve whole communities.’

Hannah Churton, The Worm Monger

When you work with me, you’ll see your ideas and vision flourish. I’ll help you take all that guessing and questioning out of it, and leave you with a clear pathway for action. 

I’ll help you identify exactly what you need to do, and provide you with a roadmap to enable you to get there. 

You’ll be hugely inspired knowing that your actions – no matter how big or small – all add up to something so much greater than yourself.  

After a session with me you’ll have:

  • A shift in mindset, so that you’ll know how to address those challenges that are currently holding you back
  • Increased passion and drive knowing that you are leading the way for change at the local level  
  • Practical action steps to propel you forward with even greater momentum 
  • Tools and resources to support the growth of your vision 
  • The connections and networks needed to bring your vision into reality

We’re a good fit to work together if:

  • You’re passionate about food, especially creating a healthy, sustainable and fairer food system
  • You have a deep seated belief that you’re here to make a difference
  • You aware of the urgency of the issues we’re facing, especially climate change, and you want to do something about it
  • You recognise the power you have at the grassroots level, and you’re ready to embrace that
  • You’ve got lots of ideas buzzing around in your head but need some additional support and mentoring to bring them to life. 



Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has ~ Margaret Mead




Now is the time to stop just thinking about doing something positive, to taking easy and achievable steps to becoming a food citizen.

These 60-minute food citizen coaching sessions are designed to help you get clear on the things you can do in your home and community that have a long lasting impact on our planet. 

I’ll help you to understand the simple ways in which you can play a part in creating a healthier, sustainable and fairer food system, and provide you with actionable steps to take right now towards change.

$497.00(AUD) for 1 hour


Strategic coaching that outlines the next steps to progress your food systems project or business idea.

If you’re ready to take the steps forward to bring about positive food systems change, but want some guidance and support to enable you to feel more confident towards taking inspired action, that is aligned and achievable, this is for you.

In this package, we’ll dive deep into your project for three hours. We’ll explore the various aspects that you need the greatest support with and plan your next steps for action.

$997.00(AUD) for 3 hours


Like the idea of the change makers coaching package, but feel like you require some extra support to progress your project?

With this package, I’ll work with you over a period of two x two hour sessions to dive deep into your project and explore the various aspects that you need the greatest support with. 

During this period you’ll have ongoing access to me through Voxer. This additional support will provide the momentum to move your project forward at a much faster pace.  

$1,497.00(AUD) for 4 hours
+ Voxer support

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7 Steps To Be A Food Citizen


Simple things you can do in your home the create a better food system.

“I met Kylie in 2018, our paths crossing over our mutual interest in sustainable food. Kylie’s advocacy has had a direct impact for me, both as a food producer and as a food citizen. Her leadership in the submissions for an urban farm to be included in the Victoria Park redevelopment in 2019 and the global Food Systems Vision Prize in 2020, was visionary and collaborative. As a result of her tireless support of small scale farms, farmers, makers and markets in the region, the Brisbane local food scene is abuzz with choices, quality ethically produced options and a thriving consumer conversation! Kylie has a real ability to identify opportunities for change and then bring them to life through her passion in creating a food system that serves the people, and not corporate interests.”

Jacki Hinchey, Blue Dog Farm