Food system services and consulting


Our Food System is in trouble. Finding solutions to move towards a more sustainable, healthier and fairer food system is now more important than ever before. Do you need help to identify some of these solutions? I can assist you with this. 

As a food systems expert, I can assist organisations, businesses, governments and communities to find these solutions. This includes delivering projects, in-house training and workshops or speaking at events. Having completed a MSc in Food Policy in London, a one of a kind course in this field, provides me with a unique understanding of the enormous challenges that exist within the global food system.

Through leading the development and delivery of a brand new course in Food Citizenship at Queensland University of Technology, I have extensive knowledge and skills in teaching this information and empowering people to create a better food system through their own actions.

In order to create change we have to take a food systems approach. This brings together thinking and action across the entire food system from paddock to plate. This approach can be used to deliver on a range of health, environmental, social and economic outcomes.

Kylie Newberry at the farmer's market

With over twenty years experience, I have highly developed project management skills with extensive experience managing multi-disciplinary project teams. I have considerable knowledge of the global food citizenship movement and over three years experience writing, speaking and lecturing on food systems issues and solutions. I'm a highly skilled facilitator and have extensive experience in writing and delivering training programs for individuals, health professionals and organisations. I’m a founding member of the Brisbane Fair Food Alliance, which is focused on advocating for a fairer food system within South East Queensland and one of the Director’s of the Community Supported Agriculture Network Australia & New Zealand.

Learn more about my experience and interests here.


• Research and deliver a range of food systems projects, focused on localising food production and access.

• Deliver in-house training and workshops to upskill and empower staff to identify the solutions needed to transform the food system for the better, within organisational objectives.

• Speak at events on the power of food citizenship and its ability to influence and steer the food system towards one that is fair and resilient for all, be it for people, animals or the planet.

•  Assist organisations to develop a food policy, to facilitate coordinated decision-making and action towards improving the local food system.

• Write articles on healthy and sustainable food systems for both online and print media.

• Offer guidance and support on how to establish a Food Policy Council in your community, region, town or city.