• South East Queensland Urban Farm Gathering

    A place where farmers, chefs and advocates came together to discuss local food systems. Earlier in the year, I had the pleasure of attending a gathering of urban farmers from across South East Queensland (SEQ), in my hometown of Brisbane. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet and hear from a number of farmers growing

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  • Book Review: ?Food?

    There is a complexity and fragility of our global food system that is hard to comprehend for most of us in the Western world. When we walk into a supermarket we are spoilt for choice. We have pretty much anything and everything available to us in a convenient location, at an affordable price, at almost

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  • Serving up sustainability on a plate

    Please bear with me for a moment. I’m going to throw two questions at you and I want you to take some time to think through them, if only for a few seconds. The first question is, do you think you eat healthy? It’s a broad question I know. And the way you answer it

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