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Food! It’s part of the fabric of our lives

But it’s so much more than that

Food brings us joy. It connects us to the earth. And to each other.


Our food system is in serious trouble.

The way in which we grow and consume food is putting enormous pressure on the planet. At the same time, millions of people go hungry every day.

We’re literally eating up the earth and we need to do something about it.

Hi, I’m Kylie Newberry

I’m a writer, speaker, consultant and food systems coach.

I help people around the world to build and support a better food system. One that:

  • nourishes people and prioritises health and wellbeing
  • nurtures and heals our environment, knowing that the earth’s resources are finite and must be cared for.
  • reduces social injustice and promotes equity and fairness for all, especially for the farmers who grow our food.

But it took me some time to really embrace my power….

I’ve always considered myself a bit of a greenie, yet despite overhauling my cleaning products, rarely using our air conditioner, and recycling as much as I could, I regularly prioritised convenience over sustainability when it came to my food.

Here’s the thing though. I knew A LOT about the issues in the food system.

I’d read books, watched documentaries. I’d even done a Masters in Food Policy!

And yet I kept getting caught up in the old stories I was telling myself.

  • That I didn’t have time to shop somewhere different or grow any food
  • It would blow the budget to buy organic or chemical free food (even though I knew the reasons why food is so cheap at the supermarket!)
  • My individual actions weren’t going to have the impact we really need
  • The issues were too huge and we were all doomed!

In all seriousness though, I realised two things.

  • I kept focusing on the challenges and not on the solutions.
  • I was living in a place of overwhelm, and this was keeping me stuck.
I then came across the term food citizen and this had a profound impact on me. 

A food citizen is “someone who wants to, can and does shape the food system for the better, and encourages others to do the same”. – Food Ethics Council

I started to realise that we, as individuals, have the power to create the type of food system we want to see. 

That we can be the drivers of change and create a food system that puts people and the planet first. 

I knew I had to shift the way I thought of myself from an unconscious consumer to become a food citizen

The truth is, becoming a food citizen isn’t an easy ride. And I’ll tell you why.

We’re up against a global food system that puts the profits of a powerful few, ahead of the health and wellbeing of the people, our farmers and our planet.

What we choose to eat is influenced by our food culture, the surroundings in which we live, as well as marketing and advertising.

According to the research, the top three values that impact our food choices are cost, convenience and taste, and the supermarkets and food industry know this.

The good news is, once you become aware of these things, you can be much more intentional about your food choices and actions, and begin to support a food system that produces healthy food and protects the planet.

Kylie is a woman who is committed to community and a secure food future for us all. I was recommended to connect with her as we both share the same vision for food security and health and I am so happy I did, She has been a constant in my life and someone who inspires me and supports me in all my endeavours be it in challenges or celebrations.  Kylie has an innate way of communicating possibilities to open up new perspectives for thought.  She has been a wonderful mentor and friend and I am so grateful for her presence in my life.” 



We all have the ability to become food citizens and I’m going to show you how you can do just that.

By shifting the way we think of ourselves towards a citizen mindset… we unlock our ability to influence and steer the food system towards one that is fair and resilient for all, be it for people, animals or the planet.Food Ethics Council

Whether you’re looking for the ways in which you can be a food citizen in your home, your community or through advocacy, you’re ready to take the steps necessary to foster real change.

You are exactly where you are meant to be.

Things you may not know about me

Exploring new places, live music gigs, playing cards with my kids, and my Bose headphones bring me joy.

Music lights me up and I think Spotify is one of the best things ever invented.

I love a good dahl, Turkish food and pretty much anything on a breakfast menu, that’s gluten free.

I prefer veggies over meat, swimming over running, nature over buildings.

I once learnt to play the djembe and have travelled to over 30 countries.

I can grow herbs but that’s about the extent of my current growing knowledge.

Unleashing Intuition Mastery


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