About Me

Food is the thread that binds us.

Food is such a huge part of our lives. We need food to sustain us, yet food is so much more than that. 

We eat for enjoyment, pleasure, health reasons, religious reasons and of course, food is intricately woven into our culture and our social interactions with others.

Hi, I’m Kylie Newberry and I’m a food citizen. 

I’m a writer, speaker, educator, food systems coach and advocate.

I help people like you, to build and support the type of food system that you want to see. 

One that prioritises the health and wellbeing of its people.

One that embraces sustainability knowing that the earth’s resources are finite and must be cared for.

One that promotes equity and fairness for all, especially for the farmers who grow our food.

I’ve spent more than 20 years working to create a better food system. 

Everything from improving access to healthy and affordable food in remote towns in Queensland, to exploring the feasibility of small scale urban farms in inner city regions, to investigating how to establish food policy councils, and advocating for local food systems where I live.

I’ve also written and lectured a brand new course in Food Citizenship. The first of its kind in Australia which became a compulsory first year subject for the B. Nutrition and Dietetics at Queensland University of Technology. 

While I have an undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and a Masters in Food Policy, one of the greatest teachers has been my own food citizen journey. 

Admittedly, it hasn’t always been an easy ride. We’re up against a food system that has been corporatised and commodified and puts the profits of a powerful few ahead of the health of the people, our farmers and our planet.

Our food choices are also heavily impacted by our food culture, our values and the environment in which we live. 

Once you become aware of these things, you can become much more intentional about your food choices and actions, and begin to support and create a food system that has your best intentions at its heart.

One of the ways we can do this is by shifting the way we think of ourselves from an unconscious consumer to a food citizen mindset.

The Food Ethics Council defines a food citizen as “someone who wants to, can and does shape the food system for the better, and encourages others to do the same”.

We all have the ability to become food citizens and here at Our Food System, I’m going to show you how you can do just that.


I can help you to feel like you’re part of something bigger. 

Still not sure what a food citizen really is? That’s okay. You’re here because you know you are ready to become the change maker you know you were destined to be.


I love exploring new places, seeing live music and laughing with my three boys and husband.

Lots of colour makes me smile, so does a delicious vegetarian curry, an oaky Chardonnay and my Bose headphones.

I prefer veggies over meat, swimming over running, nature over buildings.

I love growing herbs, supporting local makers and getting to know our farmers. 


Examples of practical things you can do in your home, community and city to create a healthier, sustainable and fairer food system

Information on food citizenship and what it means to be a food citizen

Conversations with farmers and food system change makers

Reflections on books I’ve read, events I’ve attended, and food system challenges