Ready to stop feeling overwhelmed about how you can be part of the solution to create a better food system?

“By shifting the way we think of ourselves towards a citizen mindset… we unlock our ability to influence and steer the food system towards one that is fair and resilient for all, be it for people, animals or the planet.” – Food Ethics Council


You know you want to be doing something when it comes to your food, but you just don’t know what or where to start.

You’re ready to shift those old patterns of behaviour, and choose food that aligns with your core values, instead of your food choices being influenced heavily by cost and convenience. 

You’re a change maker on a mission to create a food system that puts the health of the people and the planet first. 

You have a huge vision to make a big impact in this world, but you’re missing a few pieces of the puzzle. 

Whether that’s information, connections, processes or strategic direction, it’s hard to turn your vision into a reality when these are still so many unknowns. 

You know the urgency of the issues are real. Climate change, food insecurity, fair pay for farmers, food waste are some of the many issues at hand that must be addressed now. 

Whether you’re looking for the ways in which you can be a food citizen in your home, your community or through advocacy or policy change, you’re ready to take the steps necessary to foster real change.

You are exactly where you are meant to be. 

Because you are ready to be the food citizen that you were destined to be. 

And I’m here for you. 

I met Kylie in 2018, our paths crossing over our mutual interest in sustainable food. Kylie’s advocacy has had a direct impact for me, both as a food producer and as a conscious consumer and food citizen. Her leadership in the submissions for an urban farm to be included in the Victoria Park redevelopment in 2019 and the global Food Systems Vision Prize in 2020, was visionary and collaborative. As a result of her tireless support of small scale farms, farmers, makers and markets in the region,  the Brisbane local food scene is abuzz with choices, quality ethically produced options and a thriving consumer conversation! Kylie has a real ability to identify opportunities for change and then bring them to life through her passion in creating a food system that serves the people, and not corporate interests.
Jacki Hinchey, Blue Dog Farm

What if, instead of spending hours researching and looking for the answers to all your questions, I made it easy for you to be able to take action today?

Hi there. I’m Kylie.

I’m a writer, speaker, coach and food systems advocate who helps people, like you, to do good in the world. 

I’ll help you to move from a feeling of overwhelm, to a place where you can feel really excited about the action you are taking in your home, your community or even in your city through advocacy or policy change. 

You’ll stop thinking about doing something, and start taking action instead, because I’m going to make it easy for you to do so.