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By transforming our food system
from the ground up.

To create healthy people and a healthy planet.




By transforming our food system from the ground up.

To create healthy people and a healthy planet.


It’s no secret that our food system is in trouble.

The global food system is responsible for around one third of all greenhouse gas emissions.

Nearly two billion people are overweight or obese, while 821 million people go hungry every day.

This increased prevalence of obesity, widespread undernutrition and increased consumption of poor diets all contribute to non-communicable diseases, which is the leading cause of mortality worldwide.

Around 70 percent of deforestation is a result of agricultural production.

Around one third of all food produced is wasted – either before it hits the supermarket shelves or thrown away.

If you’re here, I know you are ready to do something about it.

You’re here because you’re ready to take action, whether it’s in your own home or in the wider world.

You know the urgency of the issues is real. And necessary!  Climate change, food waste, fair pay for farmers, food insecurity, and biodiversity loss are some of the many issues that must be addressed now. But it all seems too overwhelming! I know, because I’ve been there myself.

Deep down, I knew for a while that I wanted to be doing things differently when it came to our families food choices, but I just kept shopping at the supermarket because it was the easiest option. I reached out to Kylie because I knew she could easily help me make the changes that I craved for. These had to align with my values, yet be achievable and something I could maintain whilst juggling work and family life. Kylie really tuned into what it was that I needed, and as a result I now get most of our fruit, vegetables and meat from a local farmer. I’ve also started composting our food scraps, which is something I’d put off doing for ages. I love that it’s so easy and I really feel like I’m doing my bit in the world. I’ve even started chatting to our neighbours about the option of planting a street verge garden! Kylie really knows her stuff and intuitively supports you to take action, instead of just thinking about it.



Our actions, no matter how small, all add up to something much greater than ourselves.

But when we’re caught up in our day to day routine, it’s not always easy to know what to do, and where to start, especially when it comes to our food!
What if, instead of spending hours researching and looking for the answers to all your questions, I made it easy for you to be able to take action today?

Hi there, I’m Kylie

I’m a writer, speaker, consultant and food systems coach who helps people like you to do good in the world.

I’ll help you to move from feeling overwhelmed by All.The.Things you want to change, to feeling clear, calm and constructive in the way you move forward.

You’ll stop thinking about doing something to change our food system, and start taking action instead — because I’m going to make it simple, easy and fun for you.


It’s time to become an empowered food citizen, so you can make informed and intentional decisions about your food.
As a food citizen, you’ll begin to support a healthy, sustainable and fair food system.
You’ll start being part of the change you know you want to be.


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