• Serving up sustainability on a plate

    Please bear with me for a moment. I’m going to throw two questions at you and I want you to take some time to think through them, if only for a few seconds. The first question is, do you think you eat healthy? It’s a broad question I know. And the way you answer it

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  • Connecting the dots on a joined up food policy

      There have been many calls to action in the past few months for integrated food policy. Harvard has just released a Blueprint for National Food Strategy, which provides a plan for action for creating a national food strategy in the US. The International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems are undertaking a three

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  • Why does food end up in your trolley?

    Food – it’s pretty important right? Without it we literally could not survive. It’s pretty morbid when we put it like that but it’s true. However, food is so much more than fuel for our bodies. It unites us in so many ways. It’s the social thread of our lives. We enjoy meals with our

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